Desktop Support

Antivirus Scanning & Removal

If you are getting attacked by any Virus, Spyware, Malware. If a fakeware is prompting you for their spyware/malware solution. If you can't open your browser even. We will provide you the solution for it and confirm that your computer is secured.
There is a flat fee of Antivirus/Spyware/Malware scanning.
$20 / One Time

Backup configuration

If you would like to create backup of your computer and put it some where at safe place. We can get it configured and teach you how to take regular backup of your important data.
$20 / One Time

PC Tune-up

Is your computer performing very slow? Is your computer making you crazy? We can help you for that. We will do maintenance of your computer and make it as stable as possible.
$30 / One Time

Security Configuration

As the online hacking activity has been increased since few years. Your computer may compromise with security and get infected by spyware or some other attack. We can make your computer secured.
$25 / One Time